Nature improves mood and self-esteem

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Nature improves mood and self-esteem: A short walk is enough to raise your mood significantly.

(May 3, 2010) Many people know this: after a long day at work you are tired and tired. Nothing drives you into the great outdoors. But be careful: A British study by the "University of Essex" found that 5 minutes outdoors can be emotionally relaxing and healing. In addition, a walk in the countryside improves the mood and increases self-esteem.

The scientists undertook ten studies with a total of 1252 subjects, of various ages, genders and health conditions. The studies examined the interaction of outdoor activities with mood and self-esteem. The test subjects undertook different activities: they went for walks, hiked, rode a bicycle or engaged in gardening. The evaluation of the study showed that the mood of the study participants improved after only five minutes. The longer people were active in the great outdoors, the more self-esteem increased. The psyche reacts very sensitively, especially in the first moments. Young people reacted particularly strongly to the environment. If leaf green, trees and water are also added, the positive natural effect is significantly increased.

The study shows one thing above all: in cities, parks are very important when it comes to people's well-being. Mental health is also an important indicator of physical health. If people can hardly get into nature, there is a high risk of getting sick. Our tip: go for a walk for about 20 to 30 minutes every day, which lifts your mood, balances stress and anger. (sb)

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