Warning of lack of midwives

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Warning of lack of midwives. However, an agreement could be reached on the remuneration for out-of-hospital births.

(07.07.2010) Due to the significant increase in professional liability premiums, there could be a shortage of freelance midwives in the future, warns the Association of Midwives in Schleswig-Holstein. The background to the warning is the extremely high premiums for professional liability for midwives. In the opinion of the midwifery associations, the increased premiums jeopardize "economically profitable obstetrics". The annual premium has increased almost tenfold since 1992. Since July 1, 2010, the premium has increased again from 2370 to 3689 euros.

For example, the head of the midwives association told "dpa": "Some midwives have already stopped obstetrics because they cannot pay the high contributions". The situation in the country would be particularly dangerous, as there is already a significant undersupply here. In the cities where there are birth centers and clinics, the lack of obstetricians is not yet noticeable.

Improving the remuneration of midwives.
Midwives can soon look forward to an improvement in the remuneration of their services. After months of negotiations with the health insurance associations, an agreement was finally reached. As of July 1st, 2010, obstetricians are to receive a gross salary of 100 euros for each birth outside a hospital. The midwives should receive an additional eight euros for each birth in a clinic. Midwives who work outside a clinic should also be able to bill births in the future, if, for example, they were stopped and continued in a hospital. In the autumn of this year, negotiations are to be held once again on how so-called flat-rate allowances and flat-rate allowances for birth preparation can be billed.

Protest by the parents and obstetricians had made the agreement possible.
A midwife currently earns an average of EUR 7.50 gross per hour. That is not a lot and the increase in the professional liability premium has further exacerbated the situation of obstetricians. But that had led to nationwide protests by parents and obstetricians. Numerous demonstrations were organized and signature lists distributed. An online petition also resulted in over 180,000 signatures. Many midwives were still worried about their economic existence. Parents also feared that they would no longer find obstetricians because the profession is no longer worthwhile for many midwives. The children's health is thus at risk. (sb)

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