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The federal government plans to provide relief to those with a Hartz IV insurance.

(07/09/2010) According to a report by the Hartz IV critical magazine "", the Federal Government plans to relieve unemployment benefit II (ALG II) recipients who are privately insured in the future. This resulted in a small question from the parliamentary group "Die Linke" in the German Bundestag.

At present, people with private health insurance have to spend a large part of their Hartz IV standard rate for paying the health insurance contribution. Because the employment agencies only take over the contribution share for a statutory health insurance. According to the will of the federal government, this should now change in the future. Discussions are currently being held on a "technical level" in order to achieve "rapid results", as it was said. The government basically sees three ways to end the obvious disadvantage. Either the contribution to private health insurance for ALG II recipients can be reduced to the amount of the statutory health insurance, or another option would be to open the way to the statutory health insurance for Hartz IV recipients again. If all of this does not work, in the future, the worst will have to pay the full contribution of private health insurance.

Until a uniform solution is found, the federal government appeals to private health insurers to refrain from enforcing the full claims. So far it is uncertain when a new legal regulation will be launched. This injustice should have been known to the federal government for some time. Because already several judgments of the social courts attested this Hartz IV regulation an unconstitutionality. Around 25,000 people are currently affected. (sb)

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