What helps with spicy food?

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What helps with spicy food to relieve the burning sensation in the mouth? Milk reduces the sharpness in the mouth, as the professional association of ear, nose and throat doctors points out.

(07/18/2010) After a spicy meal most people feel a strong burning sensation in the mouth. But many resort to the wrong means and try the burning sensation in the mouth, among other things. deglaze with water, juice or beer. The burning sensation may increase and the sharpness is intensified. The professional association of ear, nose and throat specialists points out that a glass of cold milk is best to neutralize the sharpness in the mouth.

However, "spiciness" is not a taste of its own, but rather spicy solids (capsaicin) which, among other things, found in chili peppers have an effect on the pain receptors in the oral mucosa and tongue. The action of "capsaicin" causes a burning sensation in the mouth and sometimes in the throat.

In addition to milk, yogurt, cheese, curd cheese and white bread also help to reduce the sharpness. Dairy products help, as sharpening solids are not water-soluble but fat-soluble. Soft white bread is suitable because it soaks up the spicy solids in the mouth. If there is a burning sensation, those affected should first eat white bread and then drink a glass of milk. After a few minutes, the burning sensation in the mouth relativises.

Again and again one is amazed at why other people seem to tolerate more spicy food than others. The answer is simple: the more often you eat spicy food, the more you get used to it. So if you eat spicy more often, you can take higher levels of spiciness. Spicy food can also help in summer heat. The sharpness stimulates sweating. Sweating in turn cools the body. Pepper is also popular in naturopathy: pepper helps with menstrual disorders. (sb)

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