No alcohol during pregnancy

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Doctors warn on the day of the alcohol-impaired child about alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

(09.09.2010) Today is September 9th, this day is dedicated to the alcohol-impaired child. As part of this, medical practitioners strongly warn against the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. Because alcohol is the most common non-genetic cause of mental and physical disabilities in newborn children.

The most common non-genetic cause of baby disability is alcohol consumption during pregnancy. On average, every third alcoholic mother gives birth to a disabled child. Around 2,200 children are born each year in Germany who have significant damage, malformations or developmental disorders due to alcohol during pregnancy. The "FASworld" initiative has therefore announced September 9th as the day of action against alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The effects are likely to be alarming worldwide. Exact numbers and statistics are so far only available in Germany.

The words of the doctors are powerful and clear, because the children's disabilities could be avoided. The initiative's website says: "If a woman drinks alcohol during pregnancy, she risks giving birth to a child who will suffer from the consequences for a lifetime." The symptoms of an alcohol-impaired child are usually recognizable after birth. According to the senior physician of the children's intensive care unit at the Klagenfurt Kinikum, Dr. Martin Edlinger, the symptoms appear after the first few hours after birth. The babies are rather small and very thin, the face shows significant changes. Because normally the faces of the newborns are so different that no two are alike. In children with the FASD syndrome, the facial features are less differentiated and quite identifiable. For example, about 90 percent of children experience eye changes. After birth, most children with alcohol problems cry out very shrill and irritating.

Growth disorders and malformations of the internal organs also occur frequently. In addition, damage in mental and motor development can be observed in the later years of development. The children suffer for a lifetime. For this reason, pregnant women should refrain from alcohol and smoking without exception. Because, as many claim, there is no safe limit to an amount of alcohol that is considered harmless. However, very few women adhere to this requirement. According to a survey by the DHS, just 2 out of 10 women adhere to this requirement not to drink alcohol during pregnancy. A lot of educational work is still needed to increase this number significantly. (sb)

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