Beer protects against heart attack and cancer?

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Beer protects against heart attack and cancer? Consumers warn brazen advertising slogans.
Even if the positive health effects of beer consumption have recently become the focus of science, this does not justify the sometimes bold advertising promises of the breweries. This is the opinion of the consumer advocates, who have now legally blocked the pithy advertising slogans.

Consumer protection: deception and misleading buyers Two breweries had even claimed that their beer protected against heart attack and stomach ulcers, provided clean skin, made athletes smart and could help against cancer. Even though recent scientific studies have shown that some of the statements are at least to a limited extent true, such slogans are not just unbearable for consumer advocates. They have taken legal action against numerous grocery companies by deceiving or misleading buyers and have often been successful. Because such a brazen falsification of medical results is hardly justifiable on a legal basis.

Hops ingredients to fight cancer The health-promoting aspect of beer consumption has been in the focus of medicine for some time. For example, Prof. Dr. Manfred Walzl, member of the board of the Austrian Society for Nutrition and university professor for neurology and psychiatry at the University of Graz: "Regular beer consumption in moderation can prevent bladder, prostate, stomach and lung cancer" Hops ingredients and especially xanthohumol of high interest, since numerous studies have scientifically proven the retroactive effects of xanthohumol on tumors. (04.10.2010, fp)

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