AOK Bayern waives additional contribution in 2011

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AOK Bayern has decided not to make an additional contribution in 2011

The Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse AOK Bayern has announced that it will not make any additional contributions from the insured this year. However, it was left open whether this promise also applies to the coming year. However, it would be dubious to say that an additional contribution should be ruled out altogether, according to a senior employee at the fund.

The largest health insurance company in Bavaria has announced that it does not want to charge any additional contributions this year. This result was reached after a meeting of the board of directors. "I am confident that we will be able to do without an additional contribution in 2011," said Georg Kleeblatt, Chairman of the AOK Advisory Board, to "Merkur Online". In times of the health fund, however, one does not want to guarantee this, after all, the allocations of the fund are subject to strong fluctuations, over which the health insurance has little influence.

The State Social Court of North Rhine-Westphalia had, in an urgent proceeding, obliged the health fund to repay around 91 million of allocations from 2009 to the health fund. The AOK Bayern had received excessive compensation amounts for the year 2009 after the introduction of the health fund and should now reimburse the funds according to the requests of the Federal Insurance Office. Some health economists now took the view that the AOK Bayern would have to collect additional contributions as part of this.

Kleeblatt also emphasized that one cannot seriously assure that no additional contribution will be levied in the future. Therefore, the financial experts at the cash register must constantly monitor the income and expenditure side. "Additional contributions are wanted by politics as an additional funding pillar, but each month without additional contributions is a benefit for the insured and pensioners," said the AOK advisory board chairman. Since the health reform came into force, the health insurers have been able to determine the amount of the additional fee. So far, 13 of the 156 statutory health insurance companies have made additional contributions. As a result, most health insurers suffered significant membership losses.

At AOK, however, people are confident that the course of economic growth and success will continue. With the introduction of additional contributions from other health insurers, the AOK apparently also experienced significant membership growth. Those affected by additional contributions had exercised their special right of termination in the past year and changed the health insurance fund. Kleeblatt himself cited a strong presence through regional representations on site as well as a high level of expertise among the employees in consulting. The service was also convincing. For example, they offer medical advice on the phone and provide information around the clock. If a medical treatment error is suspected, the AOK is at the side of the insured, says Kleeblatt. Good service is convincing, as analyzes by independent consulting companies report. (sb)

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