Doctors at Helios clinics on warning strike

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Doctors strike at the private clinics of Helios GmbH

A warning strike by doctors began today at all Helios clinics nationwide. The medical union "Marburger Bund" has called for the three and a half hour strike. Doctors are demanding a linear increase of 5 percent in their salaries, as a spokesman for the medical union said.

Doctors at the private Helios clinics complain that they will wait more than a year for a renewed collective agreement. "Now you are out of patience". Before the start of today's fifth round of negotiations with Helios, several hundred doctors nationwide followed the call of the Marburg Federation and started the warning strike. The strike started at 8:00 a.m. and ended at 11:30 a.m. During this time, patients were only cared for in an emergency.

Medical union terminated collective agreements With the strike, the doctors want to increase the pressure on the management of the hospitals. So far, the employers' side has shown “hardly any real willingness to reach an agreement,” said the Marburger Bund. A "linear increase of five percent" is demanded. In addition, the remuneration for night work is to be improved; So far, Helios has paid a surcharge of EUR 1.28 per hour. The union demands the introduction of a surcharge of 25 percent of the hourly wage for the night duty service. Overtime and Saturday work should also be paid better in the future.

The medical union had already terminated the collective agreement at the end of March and sent corresponding claims to the clinics of Helios GmbH. After the negotiations were unsuccessful, "warning strikes have become inevitable". The clinics do not currently have a statement. Employed and civil servant doctors are unionized in the Marburger Bund. (sb)

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