Normal nutrition is best for building muscle

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Protein for muscle building is already included in a balanced diet

If you eat protein in the form of shakes or bars after exercising, you are not doing your body a favor. A healthy, balanced diet includes everything the body needs to build muscle, Professor Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the Cologne Sports University told the German Press Agency (dpa).

Protein shakes are often unnecessary for muscle building. Whether bodybuilders or "ottonormal athletes" - people like to take a protein bar or shake after training. Professor Ingo Froböse clarifies the erroneous assumption that this is beneficial for building muscle compared to dpa: "Of course, the body should always be fed a balanced diet with sufficient protein during intensive training." is recorded from. The expert advises athletes, such as muscle athletes and endurance athletes, to make sure that they consume sufficient amounts of protein. For "Ottonormal athletes" 0.8 to 1.0 grams per kilogram of body weight were sufficient. "But whoever consumes more not only damages his wallet, but shifts the normal metabolic function to a protein metabolism," warns Froböse. Too much protein is particularly harmful to the kidneys. Therefore, in the opinion of the sports doctor, one should simply continue eating "balanced and normal". Because a healthy diet provides enough protein.

Protein should be included in every meal The expert explains that protein cannot be stored extensively, so it should be consumed with every meal, especially in the evenings. Because at night the body consumes a lot of it. If you are exposed to extremely high stress levels in the short term, such as after a marathon or in an intensive muscle building phase, the protein intake can be significantly increased in the short term, i.e. for a maximum of two to four weeks, as the expert advises. But even then a dose of 2 to 3 grams per kilogram of body weight should not be exceeded. After the protein-rich phase, you should quickly return to normal.

Protein makes muscle fibers thicker Muscle build-up takes place through the creation of increased protein structures. The individual muscle fibers are made thicker by the protein. Froböse explains that the growth of many small muscle fibers changes their shape. This is done through a training stimulus that causes the body to store large amounts of protein. "The most effective way to do this is through the 'burning series' training course," the expert continues. The muscles are brought to the limit of their performance, which triggers a deficiency. "This training stimulus is crucial for what happens afterwards," says Froböse. "Without this training stimulus, we could still eat so much protein - only the rings on the hips and stomach would grow, because too much protein ends up in the fat deposits."

Building muscle with apples Last year, American scientists published a study in which they demonstrated that the ursolic acid contained in apple peels has a beneficial effect on muscle building. This has been demonstrated by Christopher Adams from the University of Iowa and his team in animal experiments with mice. So far, the results could not yet be transferred to humans, because further studies are required, reports Adams. Under certain circumstances, eating apples could counteract muscle or age-related muscle loss.

Ursolic acid is not only found in apple peel but also in catnip, basil and various rose plants. So far, scientists have been investigating urolic acid for its anti-inflammatory effects and its potential use as a cancer drug. Another area of ​​application could now be added. (sb)

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