Health risk from first spring sun

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The skin should also be protected from the spring sun

The spring sun also requires sun protection. In view of the sunny weather of the past few days, experts warn of the possible consequences of the spring sun for the skin.

Even the spring sun can lead to sunburns and an increased risk of skin cancer, Dirk Meyer-Rogge from the professional association of German dermatologists in Berlin and Prof. Jörg Reichrath from the University Dermatology Clinic in Homburg told the news agency "dpa". Arms, face, neck, back of the hand and décolleté should therefore already be protected with sunscreen when you are outdoors, the experts warn.

Spring sunshine can cause sunburn and an increased risk of skin cancer. The sunny weather, the blue sky and the mild temperatures tempt many to stay outdoors and enjoy the sun. But the first rays of the spring sun can cause sunburn and significantly increase the risk of skin cancer, the dermatologists explained. Many are convinced that the spring sun is not a problem for the skin, but according to Meyer-Rogge, this is a mistake. Because the first rays of the sun in spring could burn your skin. As a rule of thumb, according to Dirk Meyer-Rogge, the uncovered skin should be protected from the end of March to the end of September with sunscreen when staying outdoors. The expert recommends the same sun protection factor as in summer, because it is a mistake to think that a lower sun protection factor is sufficient in spring. Meyer-Rogge advises sunscreens with a sun protection factor of 50 already in spring. According to the expert, the cream should also be waterproof to ensure sun protection even when sweating.

Sunbathing at lunchtime with an increased health risk If appropriate sun protection is taken into account, the spring sun is not a problem even when you are outside for a whole day (for example, when hiking or cycling). But those affected should not forget to re-apply cream, emphasized Meyer-Rogge. Sun protection must be applied once in the morning and again in the early afternoon. Since the midday sun is the most powerful, it is also not a good idea to sunbathe over midday. Here Meyer-Rogge advises to use a parasol or to stay in the shade of a tree. While the (midday) sun is not as intense during spring as it is in midsummer, it should not be underestimated. After the winter, the skin has hardly any pigments and is clearly pale, which significantly increases the risk of sunburn. The risk of sunburn due to the lack of pigmentation in spring is much higher than in autumn, the experts explained.

Sun rays required to build up vitamin D If the skin is not adequately protected and suffers from sunburn, this is not only uncomfortable in the short term, but also poses a considerable health risk in the long term. Because sunburn is the main risk factor for dangerous black skin cancer (malignant melanoma), explained Prof. Jörg Reichrath from the University Skin Clinic in Homburg. Adequate sun protection is therefore also important in spring to prevent UV rays that trigger skin cancer. In addition, the risk of white skin cancer is essentially due to the long-term effect of UV radiation, which is why a corresponding sun protection also offers significant advantages. Instead of sunscreen, according to the experts, textiles can also help protect against the sun, although sunbathing with full clothing is unlikely to come to mind. In addition, the sun should not be avoided too much, since sunlight plays a vital role in the formation of vitamin D, explained Prof. Jörg Reichrath. In the living conditions in this country, 90 percent of vitamin D has to be built up in the skin, whereby the sun's rays play an important role in the organism. The expert therefore recommends carefully leaving the spring sun on your skin and gradually increasing the dose. (fp)

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