Protest against British pharmaceutical law

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Imminent restriction of the availability of homeopathic medicines triggers worldwide protest

A draft by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) - this is the UK's medicinal product regulatory and regulatory agency - provides for a change in pharmaceutical law to ban manufacturers from shipping medicinal products that are not officially licensed . This would also affect the majority of homeopathic medicines in England, as only about 60 of them are licensed. These funds should then only be available by hand in a few pharmacies, could no longer be ordered by phone or online and should no longer be administered in medical practices.

This planned change in the English pharmaceutical law is also relevant for homeopathic doctors in Germany! Even if the situation between Germany and England is not directly comparable; there is a tendency to apply tightening in one country to other EU countries. In Europe, regulations that may make sense in general pharmaceutical law are also increasingly being applied to homeopathic medicines, which is often not sensible, since manufacturing processes, prescription practices and risk potential are very different from conventional medicine. The possible change, however, also has very practical consequences for the supply of homeopathic medicines in Germany: A number of rarer remedies are no longer available in Germany and could previously be obtained from England.

Get involved! A small signature campaign by an English manufacturer is growing into an international avalanche of protests. Originally, 100 people were to be won here for a petition to the committee responsible in the English Parliament. In the meantime, more than 14,000 people have signed with their signature for the free availability of homeopathic medicines. In addition to signatories from Great Britain, there are now numerous signers from across the Commonwealth, from across Europe and around the world. (pm)

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