Recall: too much chemistry in Italian tomatoes

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Italian tomatoes recalled for pesticide residues

Recall for Italian tomatoes due to pesticide residues. The cherry vine tomatoes in the 500-gram bowl of the manufacturer Azienda Agricola Crapotto Giovanna, which were delivered to the food discounter Norma in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia via Frutima GmbH, should not be consumed, according to the fruit trader's current announcement, due to the excessive load of crop protection agents .

According to the company, the recall relates to the "cherry vine tomatoes (500 grams) of the batch with the number L 03.52 / L 04.52, which has been offered in the Norma stores since December 27". The food discounter "has already taken the goods out of sale in order to avoid any health risks for consumers". Customers who still have appropriate Italian tomatoes at home are strongly advised not to eat them. Tomatoes already purchased can be returned for a refund of the purchase price. (fp)

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