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The pill is then available over-the-counter in many European countries

In the discussion about a possible prescription freedom for the pill afterwards, the advice center Pro Familia takes a clear position. Federal President Daphne Hahn spoke to the news agency "dpa" about "paternalism" in connection with the prescription requirement for emergency contraceptives. Even doctors sometimes had “a very condescending look” at women who asked about the pill. "When a young woman in England demands the pill, you congratulate her on her sense of responsibility," Hahn said. "In Germany she gets thrown at the head for why she didn't use contraception.

Many doctors stand in the way of liberal use of the pill afterwards. The Pro-Familia federal chair sees after a prescription freedom for the pill "the chance to act responsibly". There can always be situations that require the use of an emergency contraceptive, for example if a condom breaks. In such cases, from a medical point of view, no doctor's visit is necessary. "The pill afterwards is also about time," said Hahn. Access to emergency contraceptives should be made as easy as possible. However, many German doctors are opposed to the liberal handling of pill distribution. In other European countries, the topic would be dealt with in a more exemplary manner. "What is international standard must also be standard here," Hahn said.

Critics of the freedom to prescribe the pill afterwards fear that the young people, especially young people, will be overly carefree when it comes to sexuality by liberalizing the distribution of pills. Great Britain is cited as an example, where the number of teenage pregnancies is very high despite the fact that emergency contraceptives are not prescription-only. (ag)

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