New cases of corona virus in Saudi Arabia

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15 out of 28 patients in Saudi Arabia died of coronavirus

The new, highly dangerous corona virus continues to spread. According to the Ministry of Health, four other cases have occurred in eastern Saudi Arabia. One of the patients had been cured while the other three were still being treated in the hospital. So far there is no adequate means to stop the virus.

Every second patient dies of coronavirus "The coronavirus, which comes from the same pathogen group as the SARS virus, has already caused 15 deaths among the 28 infected people in Saudi Arabia," said a statement by the Ministry of Health. The two sick men in France continue to feel bad. One of them currently needs artificial respiration. So far about every second patient has died from the highly dangerous virus, because there is still no adequate cure.

Experts believe that almost everyone infected on the Arabian Peninsula was infected with the virus because they were there shortly before the onset of the disease. The coronavirus most likely originally occurred in bats and only spread to humans through its spread. Nevertheless, the risk of infection appears to be lower than initially assumed. Because the virus is not transmitted by droplet infection like the SARS virus. The pathogens have to penetrate the cells into the lungs, which is significantly more difficult.

However, experts fear that the corona virus could change. Adapt it accordingly and the transfer could also be easier. On the other hand, changing the virus could also cause it to develop into a harmless form. However, due to the low number of cases, health authorities and medical professionals currently see no reason to panic. (ag)

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