Natural cosmetics: only eco no longer sufficient

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Living healthy and consciously: Natural cosmetics: Eco alone is not enough

Natural ingredients and gentle on people and the environment; these criteria are no longer enough for consumers of natural cosmetics these days. The products are now also asked what conventional cosmetics can do, for example to combat pimples.

Customers want more than just naturalness In the past, it was particularly important to consumers of natural cosmetics that the products are well tolerated and based on natural raw materials, such as vegetable oils, fats and flavors, ideally from controlled organic cultivation. Many also placed great value on the fact that the products are manufactured without animal testing or animal ingredients. All of this alone is no longer enough. "Customers want more," says industry expert Elfriede Dambacher. "Natural cosmetics no longer have a special bonus just because they are natural." In Germany, the cosmetics market is no longer niche, but has arrived at all levels, from price entry to the premium segment, explains Dambacher. At the same time, expectations of the products have risen. "Natural cosmetics must completely meet the expectations of functionality that consumers have and, of course, also convey the additional benefit of nature," analyzes the independent industry specialist, who also publishes the yearbook of natural cosmetics. For example with face cream. Not only should it be well tolerated, it also had to be suitable for special skin types and requirements such as counter-pimples or anti-aging.

Newcomers focus on new trends The Federal Association of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises for Medicines, Health Products, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics (BDIH) in Mannheim believes that it is above all the newcomers among manufacturers who focus on such new trends. Tobias Peschl from the BDIH says: "In contrast to the established players, they are more forced to offer additional added value." But the established companies would also have to look for ways to keep up with the development so that they do not lose their regular customers.

So far, manufacturers such as Weleda, Wala, Laverana or Logocos are among the major market players in Germany. Weleda, which is based in Arlesheim, Switzerland, can only confirm the trend towards more sophisticated products. "There is an increasing convergence of natural cosmetics and conventional cosmetics - and this is also possible in many areas," said Weleda board member Andreas Sommer. For companies, however, it is more important to focus on long-term consumer interests. Last year, the sales volume in the industry was around 860 million euros. According to the Cosmetics Yearbook, an increase of 5.5 percent. Dambacher believes that trend products and the further development of product groups are helpful. This would create new interest in natural cosmetics.

Pay attention to "controlled natural cosmetics" When buying natural cosmetics, however, caution also applies in principle to the widespread sales tricks. The consumer magazine "Öko-Test" had advised not to be fooled by advertising promises from the manufacturers. Because even if it says "nature", "nature" or "natural", it does not mean that chemical substances, some of which are harmful to health, are left out. On the contrary, the natural substances are often only contained in minimal proportions, although the product name suggests otherwise. However, if you want to buy real natural cosmetics, you should pay attention to the "controlled natural cosmetics" seal. Natural cosmetics are not only sold in health food stores, but now also in drugstore chains. (sb)

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